How to Make Money Online with Amazon

AmazonChances are you are a fan of Amazon as it makes it affordable and easy to order the items you need. Making money with Amazon is a practical and profitable move that any online entrepreneur can make. Basically, the idea revolves around finding generic products that are selling well on Amazon, creating your own logo and packaging, and performing a better marketing to surpass your competitors.

Does this sound appealing? If yes, here we break it down into an actionable step and plan that you need to use to get paid with Amazon.

What about Amazon

Amazon has been the America’s leading online retailer for years. People love, trust and buy from Amazon without worry. The good news is that you can make money with Amazon -mostly through affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you promote another company’s products and earn a certain percentage on any sales you directly create. Once you sign up with Amazon affiliates, you can promote almost any product they offer, whether goods or services.

What you need to Earn with Amazon

There are couple of things you need to have to earn with Amazon. However, there are three most important ones, and these are;

– A website – You need to have a site for visitors to come, read your content and have a look at the products with their images and links pointing to Amazon.

– Niche – A niche is typically an audience of people that are interested in a specific category of products or services. This is where working as an affiliate becomes fun as you choose that niche that mostly interests you.

– Traffic – Traffic is the third and most important component you need. If people do not visit your site, you will not be able to earn any commission. The more the visits people make to your site, the more commission you make.

Major Ways to Earning with Amazon

amazon moneyWorking as an affiliate is not the only way to getting pain on Amazon. Under this section, we review some of the best ways to get paid with Amazon.

  1. Joining Amazon Affiliate Program

If you own any website or blog and have a sizable traffic, the next step you need is to sign up with Amazon Affiliate Programs and start to get paid.

  1. Sell Products on Amazon

There is an Amazon handmade service that allows one to sell their handmade wares to the Amazon audience. With a 12% referral fee, you can sell handmade products, artwork, furniture, kitchen & dining items, lighting, lawn & gardening, patio among other items. This Amazon service offers artists and creators an opportunity to earn from their skills.

  1. Publishing an eBook

Are you aware you can write an electronic book about a subject that interests you and publish it with Kindle Direct Publishing? Kindle books shall be made available on the platform and appear within 48 hours for the whole world to see. You earn a 70 percent royalty on the sales your book makes.

  1. Become a Third Party Seller

For those who shop at Amazon, you might have noticed that some items are sold by third party vendors. You can become a Third Party Amazon Seller and enjoy the opportunity to sell goods and services to masses worldwide. There are different Amazon plans you can sign up with, be it an individual or professional plan and enjoy the benefits associated.