How to Make Money Online Using Facebook

FacebookFacebook has over one and half a billion users worldwide, and it is the best platform businesses can use to reach clients globally. Also by using Facebook to reach clients creates a personal touch which ensures high customer retention, immediate feedback, and better customer service. Social media is not just a marketing platform, but also an income generating source. If you have considering turning your ‘Facebooking activities’ into a money generator, here is how;

  1. Start by creating an appealing profile

If a friend or just someone knows, trusts and likes you, they tend to be more willing to hear about your business. Your Facebook profile gives you this opportunity for free when you use your real profile picture, about section and cover image appropriately. Use a professional profile picture. Let your cover image give a clear portrayal of your personality. A complete and truthful ‘About’ section gives you credibility and complements your personality.

  1. Post openly on Facebook

Your objective is letting friends know what you for a living, your expertise and how you can help them. For example, if you are a copywriter; “Hey guys, know of any business looking for a great copy for their website? Let me know!”

  1. Make great posts

Making money with social media requires lots of good content. On Facebook, good content refers to informative updates, useful images, and links every day. Search for a niche that you like so that the activity of making posts interests you. Then on your updates, link a product you plan to market that is related to the updates so that the integration is seamless. You might want to open up other Facebook accounts then share the posts on your profile.

  1. Make it your dedication to earn

moneyHaving the persistence to work is the only way to make money reliably online. You have to set a schedule and stick to it. Making money on Facebook depends on numbers, i.e. the more the users that get to view your page the more you are likely to earn. And since it is free to market on Facebook, you can market as much as you want so long as you got the time. Add as many friends as you can and let the percentages and statistics work their magic.

  1. Find an affiliate program

Affiliate programs provide you with marketing materials and a unique ID to link them to you specifically and then pays you based on how much they generate from linking to them. Most websites offer affiliate programs, and it is free, so you can sign up for as many sites as you can manage. Once you have settled for a particular company, you can create Facebook pages for each of them if it is more than one.

Then create content for each of the programs, remembering to link the products you are advertising to your posts. Make sure the content is interesting so that your Facebook friends and followers can read and actually click on those affiliate links. Share the posts from those pages on your profile so that your large friend list can read them and hence make more money from the affiliate programs.