How to Make Money Online as a Writer

writing moneyThe Internet is one greatest and most powerful tools ever invented, and lots of people are getting online to learn how to earn a living. Most companies do not have the staff to create content for their websites, but they outsource this work to freelancers. New sites are springing every day, and this makes writers be in high demand. There are countless ways of making money over the internet, but today, we are going to focus on online writing.

Making money from writing

To earn money from online writing, you need to have a talent – A talent for expressing yourself concisely, precisely putting ideas into words and meeting deadlines without fail. Companies often want content related to specific areas, and this calls for the need so set yourself comfortable in those areas.

Web content writers require some formal education and proper grammar. They compose content specially made for online consumption. Good English (or other required language) and deep communication skills to express an idea, is key to getting paid. Writing gigs vary. Some notable writing gigs include;

  • Blog writing
  • Article writing
  • Writing press releases
  • Writing product reviews
  • writing eBooks
  • Copy-writing

Where to Write?

article writingThere are many writing platforms one can choose from and get paid for their writing skills. But with so many writing sites to choose from, the question lies – where would a wannabe freelancer start? There are two models of getting paid as a freelancer, one is through revenue-sharing, with a website paying you a certain percentage for every view or click that results from your post, and the other model being getting paid by sites that pay up front. Sites that pay upfront are more lucrative. Here are some good places to write with;

Revenue-Sharing Sites

  1. HubPages –

HubPages is a revenue sharing site that is easy and straightforward to use. If your articles are more than 700 words, grammatically correct and free of plagiarism, you start a chance of getting paid as long as they are approved. The drawback involved with hub pages is that you have to own a Google AdSense account, which pays on a minimum payout of $100

  1. Teckler –

With Teckler, a writer is paid 70% of the revenue their article makes. With Teckler, you can share articles, videos, photos and other content, and the site has a low minimum payout of $0.50. Writers are also given a chance to add affiliate links to boost their earnings.

  1. Dailytwocents –

With this site, payments are issued every month on a minimum payout of $5. With this site, you can write blog articles, SEO, articles and other types of writing. The site also allows one to use affiliate links.

Fixed-Rate Sites

  1. iWriter –

iWriter is a good content mill that allows you to earn a fixed rate for every article you write. Clients/requester on iWriter needs to approve your articles for you to get paid. Writers are paid around 80% of the client’s request.

  1. Textbroker –

Textbroker is another good content mill for writers to choose from. The big hurdle associated with the site is that it’s only for US citizens. When you make the registration, the site admins review your content and rate it from 2-5 stars.